Friday, November 6, 2009

Metropolitan Zombie Defense...

An asshole once said..

"I have yet to see a zombie invasion visually depicted to the scale at which it would really happen. This is getting there, but I suspect if all of LA were zombies, and you were in the middle of it, the spectacle would be quite grand."

Well, I wondered if it was so grand while he felt his own cranium collapse under the gritting mandibles of more sets of teeth that would fit on his face...

You can see a defense has been waged at one side of the LA river. Tactical teams have drained nearby tanker cars of fuel and ignited the river in hopes to stem the tide of the zombie crush. Most of the zombies brains have boiled or ashed while crossing, but not all. The remaining crush is blocked by a hastily erected wall of concrete and rail cars.

While heavier armament peppers the crush with bomblets and incindiary devices, perimeter forces have retained a defense by literally building a wall of corpses through well placed small arms fire.

This defense is on a timer.. and the timer corresponds to the amount of fuel, and ammunition left in reserve. When both are depleted it's time..

Please note that it is customary for active defenses such as these to paint defensive zone markings in order to reduce friendly fire. For anyone trying to approach defenders, take great care to boldly mark yourselves by holding upraised flags or other objects that clearly demonstrate destinct cognative reasoning to be recognized as human.

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Rot said...

Absolutely amazing stunning and mind-blowing.